The standard rules of productivity encompass delegating, focus, and prioritisation. Unfortunately, these rules don’t fit well for ADHD minds because people with ADHD tend to function differently. They can often require positive affirmations, incentives, and crystal clear deadlines. ADHD minds often face unique challenges while trying to remain productive, especially in distraction-driven environments. Completing tasks in an office can often be fraught with challenges. 

Here, we will discuss some essential productivity tips for people with ADHD to help them remain productive throughout the day.

Start Your Day with Something Relaxing

Most people with ADHD dread starting a project in the morning because they can often approach the day with a negative mindset. The good thing is that you can turn this mindset into a positive approach with some clever tricks. When you begin your day, make sure that the first thing you do is something relaxing and enjoyable that can push back the feeling of dread. For example, you could start with your favourite breakfast or do some morning exercise. 

Breakdown the Tasks

Once you have settled into work, start by taking small steps. Break down your tasks into smaller sub-tasks and make any large project more easily manageable. Set the bar low so that you give yourself a push and get started. For instance, your first small task could be reading a short document or doing quick ten-minute research.

First Task Should Be a Success

Ensure that the first task you choose should be 100% success, so choose an easy one. Organize your daily tasks with this intention so that when you are looking for a win from the off, you have one right there waiting for you. Do the easy things first so that you get a sense of accomplishment. This will further motivate you to take on more challenging tasks easily.

Make a To-Do-List

Motivation can be tough to come by for people with ADHD, especially if the tasks are monotonous and boring. Just because you know that something needs to be done does not mean that you are looking forward to doing it. An easy way to stir some motivation is by creating a to-do list or a journal, and that will help you understand the importance and urgency of the task. This way, you won’t miss out on deadlines.

Take Short Breaks

Not being able to keep track of time is one of the problems faced by people with ADHD. An ADHD mind may struggle while sticking to a strict time-bound schedule. Therefore, it is necessary to take short breaks to refresh and unwind. An effective time management technique is taking a 5-minute break after every half an hour or so. 

To Summarise…

Nobody is perfect, so don’t push yourself too hard. Every day we are confronted with various distractions that we find hard to resist, but you can make your work routine far more productive with these simple tips.