Ultimate 12 Week Digital Health Journal in BLUE (Suitable for GoodNotes & Notability)

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Your Ultimate 12 Week Health Journal: Self accountability to help create the best version of you.
Digital product: Supplied in PDF format as spreads.
Colour: Blue.



Your Ultimate 12 Week Health Journal: Self accountability to help create the best version of you

  • Are you ready to achieve your health goals?
  • Want to be fitter, slimmer, musclier or feel more healthy and vibrant?
  • Maybe you simply get some insight into your current health situation, what’s going on for you and discover ways that you can make a positive change.

This digital 12 week health journal can help you, whatever your goal.

COLOUR: Blue (other colours available – see the shop).

What’s inside?

Welcome Pages
Getting you set up with a positive mindset is part of the preparation to a successful 12 weeks journalling and these five introductory pages go into more detail about SMART goal setting, the importance of accountability and writing things down.

Insight & Meaning
Using this simple exercise you get a clearer understanding where you are right now and are better able to focus on the important reasons why the next 12 weeks are important to you. Using the insights from the left hand page you can set some mini goals for each area of your world that combined makes up a happy and health life.

12 Week Goals
Now we know where we’re at it’s time to jump into some SMART goal setting for the next 12 weeks. This begins the important questions that will help you be able to feel more energised to succeed and begin the process of feeling like achievement is possible.

Digging Deeper
Now we delve a little more into the subconscious and baby step through the process of making the goal more real for you. By processing what you will see, hear, feel and be able to do, you are giving your mind the tools it needs to see where you will end up and so it will begin working on making this happen straight away. Your Reticular Activating System has been switched on.

This spread is the first of four in the journal. Positioned at the start and every 4 weeks. The first is about exploring what has been up to now and what your hopes are for the next 12 weeks and the next 4 weeks. The middle two for checking in and the final one for reviewing the full 12 weeks. I see more and more people moving away from measurements/weight as a focus so this is not the core of the journal but does give space for regular check-ins for weight and measurements (more on this in the stats tracker).

Statistics Tracker
To make this journal as helpful for whatever people wish to focus on and measure this spread is included as a space to track things weekly. Whether that be cholesterol, weight, BMI, fat, steps, reps or something else. This can be used to see at a glance how you’re progressing.

This is a space to discover areas where cause and effect come into play. With five spaces, you can track things like moon, period, emotions, sleep, exercise, sex, diet or something else. With this, you can see if there is something impacting you regularly and then plan around it in the future. For example a full moon, a period, only 6 hours sleep and a day of feeling sad; once you know you can plan in a gentle day and more sleep on future days when these elements will be combined.

Every week has a simple 2 page separator spread which has a positive, motivational quote on the left hand page. They have all been chosen specifically to be non-weight related and aimed at creating a feel good factor.

Week Planner
One of the key elements of success is being prepared. This week planner offers a space for you to schedule in all the elements of your plan; exercise, sleep, work, play… whatever you need so you can start the week with a solid plan and increase your chances of actually making it happen.

Meal Planning
Another hugely important factor in a healthier and happier life is eating well and we all know that when you fail to plan you plan to fail. Not being prepared when it comes to what you’ll be eating when means easy slips are made and that can lead to a mindset disaster. Planning the meals out before you get started means you can set yourself up for success.

Food Shop Sorted
Meal plan done, this is quick and easy access to a shopping list. Not only is it really helpful for the short term but if you want to use the same week plan in a future week there’s no need to we-write it, you can simply rinse and repeat.

Week Journalling
With everything else planned in beautifully, it’s time to journal. Every week is displayed over two spreads. You’ll see that the day is made up of 4 boxes to log your food plus one for exercise (each of these have a smaller box within it for logging things like kcals/syns/etc). The larger box is designed to be used as a diary or space for logging how you feel. The two other boxes (both blank) are designed to be used as you wish. Perhaps for logging food percentage breakdown from MyFitnessPal, daily gratitude, more exercise info, mindfulness practice or something else.

The top of each day there are 4 action tick boxes. These are from the goal setting section where you chose 4 actions to commit to for the 12 weeks. This could be drinking water, doing daily exercise, taking vitamins etc. All you need to do is tick as you go.

At the end of the week there is a review section. This gives a small space for notes but more importantly gives a place more more tracking; water, daily actions (at a glance) and three blank trackers for personal choice. I would suggest sleep and steps would be popular but it can be whatever you want to track as a daily habit.

There is also a good chunk of blank pages at the back for you to jot down things that are important to you.



This is a DIGITAL file – you will be supplied with a PDF that you can import into the app of your choice e.g. GoodNotes or Notability.

This product is non-refundable.


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