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Ultimate diary planner

The ultimate in daily, monthly and annual planning and daily to do list management for work and personal life.

Combining daily task management with notebook and goal planning to provide just what it says on the tin: the ultimate desk buddy to keep you organised and help you achieve great things this year! Read on if you ready to get more organised and create an amazing year. 


  • Dated daily planning on week to view spreads
  • Full colour throughout
  • Goal setting and stats tracking
  • Monthly reviews and notes
  • and so much more…
Call Journal

Call journal

Do you have a million notebooks you love… but when it comes to dipping back in to find some notes you made about a call a few weeks go you can struggle to remember which notebook you wrote the notes for that call in? Or, you have the right notebook but can’t find the specific page quickly?

Then this journal is perfect for you! You can take notes about each meeting and note the page number in the contents list at the front, so you have all the details at your fingertips, when you need them.

Order Blue Dots: https://amzn.to/3NoT0IU
Order Leopard Print: 


  • 160 pages of call/meeting logs and some notes pages at the back for good measure.
  • You can log 67 calls in this journal – more if you use the notes pages at the back for them too.

12 week health journal

The perfect companion if you’re on a health kick. Covering 12 weeks, you can plan and track in as much or as little detail as suits you. A great tool to help you stay focused, stay on plan and regularly review on your own or with your PT. 


  • Plan your meals and food shopping
  • Track your progress
  • Food and feelings diary
  • Notes pages
  • Seek out synchronicities
  • Goal setting and reviewing

Mini year planner

Small but mighty, and one of our favourite planners for planning out our year ahead. With multiple copies of each of the layouts it gives you the freedom to use the layouts how you want.

Use it for life or business planning (maybe a bit of both!?). Small and light enough to be really portable. This little planner packs some punch. 


  • 12 Month planning spreads
  • 52 Week planning spreads
  • Month planning spreads
  • Notes spreads
  • Index to find your place easily
  • Undated to allow freedom of use

flirt Playbook

For the serial dater. Whether you’re sewing your wild oats or on the hunt for Mr/Mrs Right, this little book will help you remember what’s what… or rather who’s who, so you never get in a pickle with names, birthdays, date reminders, likes, dislikes etc again.

A very practical book and also a real conversation starter, so a great gift for the singles and kinksters in your life. 


  • Ideal partner planning
  • Date ideas
  • Index for easy search
  • Date profiles x 25
  • Sexy bucket list


When you want something simple and lovely we can help. For white label notebooks, we can offer any size or page count and finish to suit your needs. 

We have a small retail range, updated each year to match our latest diary planner designs.  


  • Soft or hard back
  • Plain, lined and/or dot grid
  • To do lists 
  • Full colour and black & white
  • Ribbons and other finishing

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